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Langkawi has a lot to offer to its visitors ranging from duty-free shopping to crocodile parks to handicrafts. There is just too much to do in this popular holiday destination that it is not quite possible to list them in just one article. The number of activities that you can do in Langkawi will make you go back for a second trip and maybe more. Following is a list of the most popular activities in Langkawi along with the mandatory duty-free shopping.

·    Visiting the famous beach of Pantai Cenang
·    Enjoying the tranquility of Pantai Kok
·    Seeing the Mat Cincang Mountain and the Tujug Waterfalls
·    Taking a tour of limestone caves and waterways at the Tanjang Rhu beach
·    Watching the migratory birds at the Burau Bay
·    Seeing the dual colored sand of Pantai Pasir Hitam
·    Going on a mangrove tour
·    Going a tour of the remote islands
·    Visiting the Pantai Tengah beach for its natural beauty
·    Eating at any of the numerous restaurants at the Pantai Cenang beach

Pantai Cenang
Pantai Cenang is the most famous beach of Langkawi. The highlights of the beach are the number of bars and restaurants and the sand, which almost feels like powder. It is about 2 kilometers in length and is located towards the southwestern side of the island.

Pantai Kok
This is one of the few isolated and unspoiled beaches at Langkawi. It is located towards the western part and is at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Pantai Cenang Beach. The well-known Telaga Tujug waterfalls and the famous Mat Cincang Mountain are both located near this beach.

Pantai Tengah
The Pantai Tengah beach lies very close to the Pantai Cenang beach and is about 1 kilometer in length. The name of the beach refers to the term middle beach. The beach is a quiet and peaceful alternative for travelers wanting to spend some time in peace and tranquility.

Tanjung Rhu
This beach features exotic things like mangroves, limestone crags and caves, and waterways. The caves go back to few thousand centuries and are a real sight for all the visitors. The beach consists of 2 sandy stretches and includes two resorts as well.

Burau Bay
This is a rocky beach lying towards the western coast of Langkawi. The nearby island of Burau is popular with migratory birds during the season of spring and autumn.

Pantai Pasir Hitam
The real beauty of this beach is the dual color of the sand. It is an interesting mix of the colors black and white because of the iron ore and rich tin deposits underneath.

Exciting tours of the city can be arranged through your hotel or by contacting a number of online booking agencies. The prices given below are the average rate during the peak seasons.

Mangrove Tours
As mentioned above, the beaches of Langkawi consist of Mangrove forests. The tour is both recreational and educational and takes the visitors on a slow cruise along the forests. Several animals like eagle, monkeys and birds searching for food can be seen along the river. Go on this tour to experience the natural beauty of Langkawi.

Island Tours
This tour consists of trips to islands like the Pulau Beras Basah and the Pregnant Maiden islands. The duration of the total tour is around four hours and it leaves at 9:30 am in the morning. The rates usually vary between RM 25 to 40. A dive in the cold lake of Pregnant Maiden is a must for all the visitors.


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