An Overview on Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi in Malaysia has been deemed as one of the best places in Malaysia for a beach holiday. The real fun is to get into the water because water sports add to the entertainment. Some of the famous tours include the mango grove tour or the 99 islets around the island. It is a great place to go diving among the reefs. Some of the famous places include Tanjung Rhu in the Langkawi Island in Malaysia, Gunung Raya, etc like places. The place is usually made of 99 islands that that lay in the Andaman Sea, around 30 kms away from the main coast of northwestern Malaysia. Pulau in Langkawi is one of the biggest islands with a population over 64,000. Kuah in the Langkawi is one of the largest in the town in the Langkawi islands and also the capital of Langkawi. Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah in relation to Golden Jubilee Celebration changed the name of the island.

History of the Kingdom
It is assumed that Langkawi or Langgasu was a kingdom that was founded by the Chinese Ling dynasty in the 1st century AD. It is often believed that the Langkawi is a combination of the two words known as helang or the eagle and kawai also popularly known as the reddish brown or strong. Therefore, when one combines the two words, one gets something like reddish brown strong eagle. Langkawi was ruled by the Kedah sultanate, but the land was occupied in the 1821 by the Siam. An anglo-siamese treaty was eventually signed that transferred power to the British rule in the 1909. The Thai culture prevails in that area, mostly due to the fact that it was governed by the Thai rule under Japanese administration at some point of time.

Gaining Visitor Status
In the year 1987, Langkawi was granted the tax-free status for the fact that tourism was to be promoted to open up the place to the outside world for tourism. It was also done keeping in the mid the intention to improve the lives of the residents in the Langkawi area. In the recent times, it happens to be as such that Langkawi has become much popular among tourists from the European regions especially, although there are people from outside.

UNESCO site termed the Langkawi place and its 99 islands as one of the national geoparks, covering an area of more than 10,000 hectares of space for the Langkawi region. The site is usually sunny in the winter times, with a backdrop of mountain regions of Peninsular Malaysia. Sand beaches, lush green forest, and mountainous peaks cover it; the island is no more, what it used to be. It was known to be one of the best-kept secrets in the Malaysian region.

How to Travel
From Langkawi international airport, one can either take a train or go by the boat. One can also take a taxi, car, motorbike or bicycle to go around. Labuan is pretty small so it is easy to cover the main attractions on foot.


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