Homestay in Kedah

One of the best ways to experience the local’s culture and heritage is through homestay. Homestay programmes provide an opportunity to visitors to experience the warm hospitality and traditional lifestyle of the locals at the rustic kampung or known as villages. These villages adhere to the strict rules imposed by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and the National Homestay Association. So, rest assured that everything is well planned and taken care of during your stay here.

Below are two of the homestay destinations that you could opt for if you prefer to live the way the locals do.

Kampung Relau Homestay
If you prefer a rustic, laid-back country living, Kampung Relau is the place for you. The small traditional Malay rural township is located away in the Bandar Baharu district Southern Kedah. The adopted family here will demonstrate how the stress-free way of life is still being preserved until today. You could also learn how to cook delish traditional Malay dishes and join in some of their country folk pastimes.

Kampung Raga Homestay
At Kampung Raga Homestay, you could take a dip at the Batu Hampar or Titi Hayun Waterfalls located at the foothills of Gunung Jerai. Else, you could also opt to trek up the Gunung Jerai all the way from Yan. This four-hour trek takes climbers past shady canopies, medicinal herbs and exotic plants to Tangga Kenari 1000 Tahun which is the gateway to Gunung Jerai from Yan.


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