Kedah Culture

As a multi-racial country, Malaysia has multiple races living together. Majority are Malays, Chinese and Indian. It is no exception in Kedah, except that it also has Thais living among them. Although Islam is the national religion of the country, freedom of worship is guaranteed throughout the whole Malaysia. These include Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.

Bahasa Malaysia is the national language of Malaysia and it is widely used and spoken till this day. The locals also have their own slang and dialects. However, English is also spoken in majority parts of the country. Hence, language is not a barrier for those visiting to Malaysia especially Kedah.

Kedah’s architecture and lifestyle reflect its tradition of cultural diversity. This can be seen in their food, songs and dances. Among the local traditional songs and dances which are reflective of daily lives are Tarian Cinta Sayang, Lagu-lagu Berendoi and Wayang Kulit.

In Kedah, the Silat is also popular. It is a form of traditional Malay self-defence before guns and rifles are brought in. The silat comes in various forms and normally performed at occasions such as weddings and formal or traditional functions.

The buildings here are also fine and old, with atmosphere of the colonial rule. These include the Balai Besar, Balai Seri Negeri, Masjid Zahir, Courthouse and General Post Office. Also, you could visit the State’s Museum to have an insight into Kedah’s rich cultural heritage. It houses a collection of artifacts, fine paintings and wide range of historical relics. Being the oldest state, it has plenty of memorable and precious antiques on display.


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