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What makes Langkawi, Malaysia the best holiday destination?

Langkawi is a collection of 99 islands, 30 kms from the east coast of Malaysia. The place was once a best kept secret from the world until it was granted the tax-free status and promoted for tourism to people for all over. The Langkawi is a famous among foreign tourists, especially among European tourists. Soon there was a boom of foreign tourists all across the island and is known to be among every tourists all along the world. Its superb landscape and the beautiful sea beaches along with geographical location have made it accessible to tourists from all over. One can easily travel through boat, bike, car, taxi or a even a bicycle to travel from the Langkawi international airport.

Location and Climate
Langkawi is a very mountainous region of the peninsular Malaysia with a very less wintery monsoon and mostly sunny in the winter times. The place is great for tourists as the beaches are covered by great white sand, lush evergreen forests, and Rocky Mountains that are easily accessible to the people of the world.  Langkawi usually offer a local tropical climate all throughout the year with temperatures ranging from almost 23 degree Celsius to 34 degree Celsius. Monsoon times occur usually during the months of April to October. June is also a monsoon period when rainfall is at its highest. UNESCO has declared the Langkawi region and the 99 regions as one of the best Geo parks in the year 2007.

Why and When to Visit Langkawi
Due to its breathtaking natural scenery and landscapes, langkawi has become more famous because of its local touch of cultural heritage. The simply amazing aquamarine contours and its unique geographic location have given the islands an edge over others to become a great tourist destination. The best time to visit Langkawi is from the month of November till March. These are times when the monsoon season is almost over and it is easier to travel during that time. After March, the rainfall begins again in June and continues.

Langkawi – A Great Diving Site
Langkawi is a great diving site and is known to be famous for offering diving al throughout the year to tourists and local residents alike. The best time to dive during the year are from the months of April to June. The diving sites are in excellent condition with water temperatures ranging from 29 degree Celsius. More of cheaper hotels, boats and five star hotels provide the tourists a reason to visit the site during this time of the year.

Beach Resort and Langkawi Festival
The best time to visit the beach resort is during the periods of February to October, mostly a time of monsoon and rain. The Langkawi water festival starts from April 21-22. It is one of the great sources of entertainment during those times of the year.

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